smartmicro offers traffic detection solutions for end users as well as sensors for OEM integration. Our radar technology is highly valued by numerous partners worldwide.


Over 150 thousand sensors are already deployed. With more than ten years of experience in the traffic industry, smartmicro is the perfect partner for traffic system providers and system integrators.


Our sensors feature most advanced multi-lane and multi-object tracking. They achieve highest detection performance, excellent counting accuracy and classification of moving and stopped traffic – no matter if the road is straight or curved.


Due to the innovative design, one single smartmicro sensor can be utilized for multiple applications: at intersections (stop bar and advance detection), for highway management (counting and classification) or enforcement applications.


Using ultra-high definition (4D/UHD) technology, traffic can be reliably classified in seven classes – pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, passenger cars, transporters, trucks or buses and long trucks – to enhance safety especially for vulnerable road users.


Radar is the most robust sensing technology and is not affected by dirt, smog, sunlight, wind or sandstorms. Rain and snow have only a small impact on the performance. Our radars are almost unbreakable, rated IP67 and reliably work in environments from -40 to +85°C over a long lifetime.


Using forward-firing radar technology, the mounting position of our non-intrusive sensors is most flexible. They can be installed on existing infrastructure: at the roadside, the corner of an intersection, the median of a highway or on a gantry. The integrated attitude sensor reports pitch and roll angles of the sensor and simplifies the setup.


smartmicro sensors undergo a sophisticated end-of-line test and calibration procedure, as well as a burn-in stage after the production. The sensors maintain high accuracy by means of built-in self-calibration functions throughout the entire design life.


Our radar sensors offer fail-safe features. By means of integrated self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions, such as blind and rain detection, misalignment reporting and interference suppression, they ensure dependable operation.

our technology is unrivalled

Forward Firing

Unlike older side firing sensors, the modern smartmicro sensors use multiple forward firing beams which has many advantages. Vehicles remain inside the field of view for much longer, their position and speed vectors are measured with higher accuracy, and a better classification is achieved. Our sensors are the only technology available on the market today that supports precise trajectory tracking of vehicles. Due to their high coverage, vehicle positions can be tracked for up to 300m and over a 100-degree field of view.

Looking along the road, the mounting position is more flexible. On the roadside, at the corner of an intersection, at the median of a highway or on a gantry, whatever sensor position: forward firing provides the best coverage.

Existing infrastructure like traffic light poles or street light poles can be used. Other than for obsolete side-firing technology which usually need a very high mounting position, moderate heights are sufficient. Since vehicles are tracked over a longer period when they drive in the field of view, occlusion rarely happens.


One single smartmicro sensor offers up to 32 detection zones and can, for example, replace up to 32 loops. Additionally, the detection zones covered with our sensors can be configured in their position, size and function. Compared to in-ground systems, our above-ground detection technology is easy to install on existing infrastructure. 
This means not only that our sensors are a lot more cost-efficient, since one single device can cover an entire area. smartmicro sensors can also be easily reconfigured or adjusted in their position in case the traffic routing on-site changes or, for example, a bike lane is added.


smartmicro sensors featuring high-definition 3D technology provide Cartesian coordinates, velocity vector, range and azimuth angle simultaneously for all traffic objects within the field of view.

Our 3-dimensional radar detection principle measures:

  • Direct unambiguous Doppler (speed)
  • Direct range
  • Direct azimuth (horizontal) angle


In addition to these three dimensions, our 4D measurement includes the elevation angle simultaneously for all traffic objects within the field of view. The additional measurement of the elevation angle indicates the vehicle height.

Our 4-dimensional radar detection principle measures:

  • Direct unambiguous Doppler (speed)
  • Direct range
  • Direct azimuth (horizontal) angle
  • Direct elevation (vertical) angle


Most other detectors on the market separate objects by only one parameter, for example either range or speed. Featuring HD technology smartmicro sensors separate objects by both speed and range. This leads to robust performance especially in dense traffic conditions.

  • Separation in speed
  • Separation in range




smartmicro sensors featuring ultra-high definition (UHD) technology achieve the highest performance available today and outperform other traffic radars. UHD radar technology enables to separate objects by speed, range and azimuth angle and to measure elevation angles.

  • Separation in speed

  • Separation in range

  • Separation in angle



For reliable detection and control of the traffic flow at intersections, typically up to four sensors are installed. Those can be operated free of any mutual interference. However, with other, mainly automotive radars in the same area, interference could result in reduced sensitivity and detection range. This may lead to inaccurate traffic detection, which can affect the safety of all road users.

Thus, all smartmicro devices have integrated interference mitigation. A special algorithm detects and suppresses the interference adaptively. This reliably filters out any false detections and significantly improves the detection rate in scenarios with high interference levels. Also, the interference level is reported as diagnosis information.


Since many roads are not straight, smartmicro traffic sensors support any shape a road may have: not by approximating the road shape with many short straight sections, but by elegantly bending the virtual lanes – just as the real road is shaped.

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  • Synchronization of up to 6 sensors
  • Supporting Power Line Communication (PLC)
  • Access via Traffic Web UI
  • Built-in surge- and power protection
  • Passthrough of MPEG video stream
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  • All-in-one solution combining the benefits of radar and camera
  • Camera with supreme low light performance
  • Coverage of up to 12 lanes
  • Range of up to 300m (984ft)
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  • Successor of UMRR-0C Type 42
  • Coverage of up to 12 lanes
  • Range of up to 300m (984ft)
  • 110-degree field of view
  • Detection of up to 256 traffic objects simultaneously
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UMRR-11 | 77GHz

  • Coverage of up to six lanes
  • Range of up to 175m (574ft)
  • Detection of up to 256 traffic objects simultaneously
  • Provides Long- and Medium-Range Mode
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UMRR-11 | 24GHz

  • Coverage of up to six lanes
  • Range of up to 219m (718ft)
  • Detection of up to 126 traffic objects simultaneously
  • 100-degree field of view
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all the accessories you need


To protect the sensor radome surface from adhering rain drops, snow or ice build-up, smartmicro provides shields that can be attached to the sensor.

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To facilitate the mounting and adjusting of our sensors, we offer brackets for every sensor model. With our straight brackets, the sensors can easily be mounted on poles while our advanced brackets allow for more varied mounting positions, such as mast arms or luminaries.

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Our Serial Relay Option (SRO) module supports any application that requires contact closures attached to the sensor. Additionally, we offer an In-Cabinet Relay Option (CRO) with the same functionality.  Both let a smartmicro radar sensor control eight hardware relays via RS485. The CRO is available for one to four sensors.

See SRO details

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The smartmicro Junction Box (J-Box) offers a simple and reliable way to connect our radars to any home-run cable, connecting the sensor to the cabinet. It can accommodate a wide range of cables inside a water-tight sealing and connects the cables to a terminal block. The J-Box also protects the radar from voltage surges and overvoltage.

See J-Box details

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To enable wired or wireless network operation smartmicro has certified the following recommended communication modules: the serial device server Moxa NPort 5130A-T for RS485 to Ethernet, the serial multi-device server Moxa NPort 5450I-T, the 4G LTE modem Moxa OnCell G3130, and Moxa UPort 1130 for RS485 to USB.

Discover Moxa modules


The Electronic K-band Target Simulator Doppler Generator (EKTSDG) is battery-powered, handheld and portable. It was specifically developed to work with our 24GHz sensors and is capable of simulating a moving target in distances of up to 100m. It can be used for installation, alignment, calibration or function testing of sensors in the field or lab.

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Download configuration software

 setup software

All our videos are available on YouTube and Youku.

Traffic UI

Our simple and intuitive Traffic UI software enables the configuration of single sensors but also entire intersections and highway installations.

The Traffic UI Installation Wizard simplifies the planning and field installation of our sensors with an intuitive step-by-step guide. The configuration includes site planning, sensor selection and configuration as well as physically installing the device at an intersection. With one simple window for settings, and a map for better visualization, the Traffic UI explains all user-friendly settings. It provides unique features such as “local awareness” and "guided alignment", with which our sensors directly provide feedback to the installer about where it is mounted and how well it is physically aligned to cover the area of interest.


Download Traffic UI (88 MB)
Supports TRUGRD, TRUGRD Stream, and all UMRR-11 models.
Traffic U.I 4.1 has been optimized for the following or newer firmware releases: 4.5.0.x, 5.5.0.x and Older releases may require an update to work with this Traffic UI version.
Requires Windows 10.

Download TMC 3.2 (88 MB)
Supports TRUGRD, TRUGRD Stream, TMIB V2, and all UMRR-11 models.
TMC 3.2 has been optimized for the following or newer firmware releases: 4.3.9.x, 5.3.9.x and 6.4.1.x. Older releases may require an update to work with this TMC version.
Requires Windows 10.

Download TMC 2.4.4 (85 MB)*
Supports UMRR-0C, UMRR-11 Type 44, UMRR-11 Type 45, TMIB V2, and older sensor models.

*This software is protected against reverse engineering using Themida (a commercial software encryption tool). Some virus scan engines might complain. smartmicro assures that no viruses or any harmful code is contained in the software provided under the link above.

smart access


The smooth interaction of different software components is essential for a successful project and the connection of your software project to smartmicro devices should be as easy as possible.
Our solution is Smart Access: Smart advanced communication control environment for smart sensors. The smartmicro Application Programmers Interface (API) provides a reliable communication stack for a wide range of environments. Its powerful and simple programming interface offers a comprehensive set of tools for sensor integration.


Smart Access is available for the following
operating systems:

  • Windows x86-64
  • Linux x86-64
  • Linux x86
  • Linux armv8
  • Linux armv7hf


Smart Access will help you increase the efficiency and the stability of your project.

  • Save efforts by not implementing the communication stack and proprietary protocols
  • Easy maintenance since library compatibility only depends on one interface
  • Save time for software projects and proof-of-concept phases
  • Easier development with less communication-specific knowledge required
  • Less program code for your application
  • Can be used with C++11 and wrapped for interpreter languages like Python

Smart Access is now available for all our Premium and Basic Products.

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We offer a free demo kit that can be used to test the performance under real-world conditions according to your individual needs. Get hands-on experience with your ready-to-run demo kit, consisting of:

  • smartmicro sensor

  • Accessories 

  • Individual support

Other than that, only a power supply and the installation of our free Traffic UI software are needed. In case of questions, you can rely on our qualified technical experts for individual support.

Request a free demo kit

smartmicro Webinar Series

We offer free webinars for newcomers, advanced users as well as experts.
If you are interested in one of our online trainings, please don't hesitate to contact us


This two-hour webinar is designed for radar technology newcomers or those of you who would like to freshen up their knowledge about radar basics.

Main topics are:

  • Radar technology basics and how it works
  • Do's and dont's for using smartmicro sensors
  • An introduction of our Traffic UI software
  • Time for exchange and questions
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We also offer a two-hour webinar that addresses former participants of the basic training, as well as people with prior knowledge about sensors or expert users who want to freshen up their knowledge.

Main topics are:

  • Refresher on our Traffic UI software
  • Configuring intersection applications with the Traffic UI
  • Configuring highway applications with the Traffic UI
  • Time for exchange and questions
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Our expert webinar aims at former participants of the basic training as well as expert users in the field of radar technology. The two-hour session includes special appliances of smartmicro sensors, which is why a certain level of prior knowledge is required.

Main topics are:

  • Expert skills in using our Traffic UI Wizard
  • Expert topics around our sensors
  • Trouble shooting
  • Support topics regarding our sensors
  • Time for exchange and questions
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In case of questions you can count on our highly qualified technical experts for individual support. To assist you with any inquiries as quickly as possible our support team is spread on a global scale – with smartmicro experts in North America, Asia and Europe you can rely on our rapid assistance in almost every time zone.

For first-time users of smartmicro sensors webinars or online trainings can be organized on request. Additionally, we have the know-how to advise you during the project planning and design process or to give personal on-site support. Please feel free to contact us for advice.


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