We believe in empowering users to harness the full power of the DRVEGRD radar sensors. Our software solutions provide users with a consistent user experience across the DRVEGRD family to allow simple execution of common tasks such as configuration, visualization, monitoring, recording, and playback.


Drive Recorder is a versatile tool for visualizing, recording, and remotely controlling smartmicro radar data and synchronized video. Easily installed, it's a plug-and-play solution to interface with smartmicro sensors, enabling quick radar setup. It offers user-configurable desktops, supports various visualizations, data exports to MATLAB or Excel, and facilitates remote diagnostics by capturing recordings for smartmicro engineers to analyze. 

Our user-friendly interface ensures that you can start utilizing the Drive Recorder within minutes, allowing for quick and efficient troubleshooting and analysis. In case of technical issues, you can easily capture and share recordings with our engineers for rapid support and resolution.


  • Data Management: Monitor, record, and playback CAN/Ethernet bus data and digital video data.
  • Hardware Compatibility: Support for multiple CAN hardware interfaces.
  • Customizable Data Interpretation: Interpret CAN/Ethernet bus data using freely programmable CAN specifications.
  • Data Visualization: Visualize raw and interpreted CAN/Ethernet data.
  • Target Visualization: Display sensor targets and objects in 2D or 3D with customizable settings.
  • Synchronized Playback: Simultaneous playback of CAN/Ethernet bus and video data for precise analysis.
  • Video Overlay: Overlay targets and objects on video streams for enhanced insights.
  • Configurable Messaging: Send freely configurable CAN and Ethernet messages or predefined sensor commands and status updates.
  • Firmware Updates: Download of sensor firmware via CAN or Ethernet (Ethernet only for more recent products).
  • Data Export: Export data in CSV format, including real-time monitored data and recorded files.
  • Enhanced Configuration: Sensor configuration via parameter/command/status requests.

The Drive Recorder is running under Microsoft Windows.

To get the Drive Recorder*, go to the Downloads section. 

*This software is protected against reverse engineering using Themida (a commercial software encryption tool). Some virus scan engines might complain. smartmicro assures that no viruses or any harmful code is contained in the software provided under the link above. For all automotive applications registration is required.


As the demand for automation grows across industries, smartmicro offers ROS (Robot Operating System) integration for easier customer integration of the radar sensors. Our ROS support includes:

  • Seamless Integration: Our ROS support enables effortless integration of smartmicro radar sensors into your automation systems.
  • Real-time Display: Experience real-time radar data display within ROS, providing instant insights into your sensor setups.
  • Streamlined Data Processing: Easily incorporate our proprietary radar protocol into ROS, streamlining the processing and visualization of radar data for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

You can download the ROS 1 driver via our Downloads section.


smartmicro provides a ROS 2 driver that offers multi-sensor support, connecting up to 10 DRVEGRD radar sensors at a time with one ROS 2 driver node. 

  • Configurability: The driver is configurable using ROS 2 parameters, allowing for seamless adaptation to your specific requirements.

  • Direct Sensor Connectivity: It interfaces directly with our Smart Access C++ API, establishing a direct link to smartmicro sensors. This eliminates the need for time-consuming manual configurations and customer-specific procedures, streamlining your setup process.

  • Rapid Data Processing: Leveraging ROS 2, our driver ensures swift processing of sensor data streams, enabling quick integration within any ROS 2-based system without the need for extensive system modifications.

Read more in our article or see the key features overview.

Download the ROS 2 driver on GitHub.


Both the Drive Recorder and ROS/ROS2 packages seamlessly integrate into your workflow and software toolchain to enable powerful data logging and visualization capabilities that provide the following functions:

  • Displays field of view and all detected, tracked and classified objects in a 2- or 3-dimensional view in real-time
  • Receives, logs, plays back and displays data from multiple connected sensors coming from any available physical interface
  • Displays streams of digital video cameras which may be connected to the radar network for documentation purposes
  • Monitors sensor status and self-test results
  • Allows software upload or command transmission to sensors
  • Provides options for the export of data to standard formats like MATLAB or .csv
  • Fully configurable to the individual automotive sensor installation and to the user's preference
  • (Automotive) Ethernet, CAN(FD) interfaces for multiple sensors each


In case of questions you can count on our highly qualified technical experts for individual support. To assist you with any inquiries as quickly as possible our support team is spread on a global scale – with smartmicro experts in North America, Asia and Europe you can rely on our rapid assistance in almost every time zone.

For first-time users of smartmicro radar sensors webinars or online trainings can be organized on request. Additionally, we have the know-how to advise you during the project planning and design process or to give personal on-site support. Please feel free to contact us for advice.




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