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smartmicro live at AutoSens 2023 in Brussels: Software-Defined Radar Sensors for Autonomy Customers  
Last week, smartmicro co-founder and CEO Dr. Ralph Mende had the pleasure of presenting smartmicro’s latest generation of high-performance detection technology for autonomy customers at autosens.  
smartmicro present at trade shows in Asia: Meet us at ITS World Congress China  
On October 16th, smartmicro representatives will attend the ITS World Congress in China.  
TRUGRD® Premium Line - a complete product family for all applications  
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MI-8 Innovation  
MI-8 Innovation 43rd Avenue Lachine, Quebec, 2275, Canada Highway Applications +1 514 637 1000 _blank  
Black & McDonald Limited  
Black & McDonald Limited Suite 2100 - 2 Bloor Street East Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1A8, Canada Highway Applications +1 647 749 0818 _blank  
Electromega Ltd  
Intertraffic Applications  
Electromega becomes smartmicro’s national distributor for intersection solutions in Canada  
smartmicro team is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership milestone in Northern America.  
Enhancing urban driving and parking with smartmicro automotive radars  
Watch our short video showcasing two radar types installed on a vehicle.  
Another traffic system installation in smartmicro’s hometown  
Testing in a controlled environment is as valuable as necessary - but there's nothing quite like real-life testing.  
TRUGRD Stream sensors deployed in Colorado  
No lane closures, no traffic disruptions, just seamless integration at the intersection!  
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