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Karrus France  
Karrus France 26 rue Colonel Dumont 38000 Grenoble France +33476562080 _blank  
smartmicro joins Karrus Spain at Smart City Expo 2023  
Whether you're a city planner, traffic engineer, or an urban innovator - Smart City Expo will be a great opportunity to discover how radar technology can solve the issues your city is facing right now  
The Detection Horrors  
Nothing is as terrifying to us as bad detection.  
How adaptive traffic light control benefits Smart Cities  
In Smart Cities, the focus lies on efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. The key to achieving these goals is seamless traffic management.  
smartmicro team in great form at Braunschweig Night Run  
Congratulations to all runners participating in this event!  
Nodeon Finland Oy  
Nodeon Finland Oy Piippukatu 11 40100 Jyväskylä Finland +358 400 356 844  
Sprint S.A. representing smartmicro technology at Polish ITS Congress  
Thank you, Sprint, for your remarkable distribution efforts and valuable contributions!  
Thank you for meeting us at the ITS World Congress 2023  
As the door closes and the booths start to be dismantled at the hall of the 29th ITS World Congress, we extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by our booth to engage in a conversation on traff  
Shaping Florida's Traffic Management Landscape with TRUGRD Stream  
Each week brings a new installation – and this week, we are back with more sensors installed as part of a project in collaboration with Control Technologies.  
TRUGRD LR shines at the ITS World Congress  
The show’s visitors can learn more about TRUGRD LR at our booth CD013  
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