smartmicro live at AutoSens 2023 in Brussels: Software-Defined Radar Sensors for Autonomy Customers

Last week, smartmicro co-founder and CEO Dr. Ralph Mende had the pleasure of presenting smartmicro’s latest generation of high-performance detection technology for autonomy customers at autosens.

Meeting the demands of autonomy customers, smartmicro's latest generation of software-defined radar sensors, the DRVEGRD line is more flexible, capable and safer than ever. From industrial and construction vehicles to logistics, autonomous robotaxis and shuttles, our sensors are designed to fit many applications and are upgradeable for new features and functions!

Thank you to autosens for inviting us to be part of this year’s event and Q&A panel discussion together with Berveleen Mashonga (Product Manager, Hyundai Mobis), Andreas Augsten (Deputy General Manager, Hyundai Mobis), Chen Dong (General Manager, Zongmu Technology) and moderator Juergen Hoellisch. See you again next year!

...did you know? Our DRVEGRD family consists of corner, front and imaging radars. Find out which one is the perfect choice for your application: click