Traffic Sensors for Modern Cities

Congested intersections endanger vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists, and modern cities need to develop solutions to overcome these challenges. Traffic management centers require reliable technology solutions, to assure the safety of all road users – and smartmicro sensor technology was designed and developed with exactly that goal in mind.

-> Real-time data streaming
Our radar sensors seamlessly transmit real-time traffic data directly to traffic management centers, enabling immediate responses or storage for later analysis.

-> Full Privacy
Unlike cameras, radar technology doesn't capture faces or vehicle plates, ensuring complete privacy for all road users. Additionally, radar sensors overcome traditional camera limitations, operating in any light conditions and weather without the need for cleaning or maintenance.

-> Reliability
smartmicro sensors empower traffic centers to reduce congestion and prioritize safety through precise detection data, which can be retrieved from smartmicro devices through secure data link. From adapting green light times to extending pedestrian crossing times, to managing safety alerts through V2X communication, our sensors improve city traffic management with accuracy and privacy in mind.