Do your radars suffer from external interference?

Patented Interference-proof radar sensors are available

Deploying multiple sensors at complex intersections is a crucial strategy for comprehensive coverage. While the proximity of multiple smartmicro sensors doesn't cause interference, external factors like neighboring misconfigured 3rd party technology or automotive radars can disrupt traffic data reliability. For such instances, smartmicro sensors are equipped with patented advanced interference mitigation.

In short, smartmicro's sensors detect the presence of inference sources by recognizing areas of abnormal energy within the echo signal. They feature advanced interference suppression techniques, suppressing the influence of the interference so that the radar can detect traffic even in these cases. In rare, critical situations where interference levels spike out of control, our radar devices proactively report the condition to the traffic controller, allowing a smooth transition to timed mode.

Thanks to the patented fail-safe, radar technology actively mitigates external interference, delivering reliable and uninterrupted traffic data for urban traffic management centers.