True Presence Detection at the Stop Bar

Speaking about stop bar detection, most people still think of inductive loops, because they were commonly used in the early days.

For installation or maintenance of such in-ground detection devices, the road must be blocked and cut open. Such loops also have a limited lifetime. Therefore, intrusive technologies like loops are nowadays replaced by more modern above-ground detection systems, such as radar- or video detection solutions. smartmicro sensors can be installed on existing infrastructure, on light poles or traffic signal poles or at the cross bar. Radar sensors are maintenance-free and have a long lifetime.

State-of-the art smartmicro sensors provide true presence detection at the stop bar, by detecting both moving and stopped objects. Those data are used to adapt the signaltiming. This helps to reduce travel times for all traffic participants and, thus, avoid frustration during rush hours or off-peak periods. It also helps to reduce CO2 emission, as waiting times and unnecessary accelerations are reduced.