Queue Length Estimation

Urban areas are often congested and traffic participants need to stop at each signalized intersection, waiting for green light.

In the worst case, they even wait in the queue for several red-light intervals until it’s their turn to pass.

One element to avoid congested intersections that result in delays and pollution, is to monitor the approaches more efficiently. Using the Queue Length Estimation (QLE) feature of smartmicro sensors, all arriving traffic is detected and the number of queued vehicles or queue length is measured. This information can be used for adaptive traffic light control, improving the performance of the intersection.

Additionally, measuring the queue length is important for determining how long the turning lanes need to be. This minimizes the risk of turning vehicles blocking the through lanes during traffic peaks.

smartmicro sensors have a long range and provide most flexible detection zones for lane-specific queue length measurement. Our sensors provide precise object data in real-time and enable traffic analysis.

Make your city smarter with smartmicro sensors for decreased travel times, safer urban traffic, and reduced CO2 emissions.