smartmicro's In-Cabin Radar: The lifesaving power of Child Presence Detection

Child Presence Detection is not just a feature; it's a lifesaver.

As of 2025, regulations demand the detection of a child or baby left alone in a car within 10 seconds. smartmicro's in-cabin radar exceeds these standards, providing real-time monitoring for your child's safety. In 2022 alone, 33 children tragically lost their lives to heatstroke in vehicles in the US. With our technology, you can rest assured that accidents like these are prevented.

With a single board and single chip design, the in-cabin radar offers a wide 130-degree field of view, ensuring comprehensive coverage throughout your vehicle's interior. Learn more about its applications and how it is a game-changer in automotive safety - watch the In-Cabin video here (click).

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