smartmicro sensors and their patented Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) modulation technique

smartmicro radars employ a patented A/B fast chirp-sequence frequency-modulated continuous wave (A/B CS-FMCW) modulation.

FMCW radars can natively separate targets in two dimensions: Range and speed. Transmitting, receiving, and processing a single linear frequency ramp (chirp) enables the radar to detect and separate multiple targets within the radar’s field of view.

CS-FMCW radars use multiple chirps as part of one measurement (one radar cycle). The results from multiple chirped range measurements are coherently processed, allowing the radar to measure the Doppler frequency of a target over the measurement time (typically in the order of 10-40ms). High-speed, slow-speed and even stationary targets are detected by the smartmicro radar.

smartmicro’s patented A/B CS-FMCW technology then allows for direct unambiguous Doppler measurement (covering the complete specified speed interval) in one single measurement cycle.

The patented waveform and the high-performance signal processing allow to precisely measure the range and the speed of any target and even allow resolving multiple targets that are at the same range from the radar but traveling at different radial velocities or vice versa.

smartmicro radars employ multiple transmit, and receive antennas, adding a spatial component to the measurement process. In addition to range and speed, smartmicro 4D radars can measure the direction of any target separately in Azimuth (horizontal) and Elevation (vertical) angles.

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