smartmicro and NXP introduce the newest one-chip radar technology

smartmicro radar sensor enabled by NXP’s newest one-chip radar SoC, enhancing the safety of all road users

smartmicro and NXP  have worked together to develop a 4D radar sensor, based on NXP’s newest SAF85xx One-chip radar SoC, bringing high-performance radar technology into mainstream ADAS and Autonomous Driving applications.

The small form factor SAF85xx One-Chip radar SoC enables various applications, such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot detection, and lane change assist - all of the key features highly increasing road safety.

NXP partnered with smartmicro to help bring the SAF85xx reference design to system integrators and car makers to shorten time-to-market and ensure the impeccable performance of the radar.

Watch NXP’s latest video and see first-hand the many uses cases and high performance that come with the SAF85xx One-chip SoC:

Thank you, NXP Team, for the excellent collaboration on this project!