smartmicro introduces COM HUB Sync PLC

Have you already heard about the latest addition to our product portfolio?

The COM HUB Sync PLC is an edge device that connects to six TRUGRD sensors using PLC terminal blocks. Additionally, there are 3 Ethernet ports to connect other devices like a user PC, V2X Modules (RSU), or an SDLC Module.

The COM HUB includes protection circuitry and a processing board. The interface board provides power to all sensor devices, including surge and overvoltage protection. It also includes a convenient on/off switch, a field resettable fuse, and status and activity LEDs for all interfaces.

As the name indicates, COM HUB Sync PLC supports the latest HD Power Line Communication. It requires only simple 3 wire cables for power and data, making the installation fuss-free and budget-friendly. Thanks to PLC technology, the COM HUB can manage large intersections worldwide – even if they require long cable distances of up to 300m.

COM HUB Sync PLC is compatible with smartmicro's TRUGRD product line, PLC J-Box, and SDLC module.


For more information, check the Products section (link). You can also download the COM HUB Sync PLC Datasheet (link here).

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