Small but mighty radars

Small size, maximum performance

Customer requirements: ‘Please design and build us a radar solution that comes in a small casing, is compatible with our current traffic infrastructure, and yet also provides unequaled radar performance.’
At smartmicro, we took on this challenge to deliver a solution – we prioritized performance, dedicating substantial effort to perfecting our sensors. Yet, we recognized that exterior design was equally crucial to our customers. Our team ensured that our traffic sensors not only delivered unparalleled performance but also seamlessly integrated into any landscape.

Compact and designed to be installed on existing infrastructure, our sensors needed to eliminate the requirement for extra poles or bulky equipment while maintaining the harmony of the environment and not to overshadow landmarks or architectural marvels.

The solution is a sleek black colored case ensuring that our radar almost disappears into the night sky, free from distracting LED lights or blinding flashes. We understood the importance of keeping road users focused. Moreover, mounted out of reach, these devices stand resilient against vandalism attempts.

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