Simplifying traffic sensor installation

Time-consuming, budget-crunching installation - definitely not with smartmicro!

All smartmicro traffic sensors are above-ground devices with forward-firing beams. This technology not only gives outstanding detection accuracy but also makes the installation process fast, simple and cost-efficient.

To facilitate the mounting and adjusting of our sensors, we offer brackets for every sensor model. Straight brackets are an excellent choice for simple pole mounting, allowing elevation angle adjustment. The advanced brackets, with both elevation and azimuth adjustment, allow for even more flexible mounting positions.

To get the most out of your installation, we recommend connecting the sensors to smartmicro’s Junction Box (J-Box). J-Box offers a simple and reliable way to connect our radars to any home-run cable, connecting the sensor to the cabinet. It can accommodate a wide range of cables inside a water-tight sealing and connects them to a terminal block. The J-Box also protects the radar from voltage surges and overvoltage.

Do you have any questions about the installation of our sensors? Check the Traffic Sensors page for more details, or contact us directly.