Safe Workspaces with Human-Robot Collaboration

The demand of robotics and automation at workplaces significantly grew in the past few years and McKinsey summarizes the following reasons for it: (1) freeing employees from dangerous, monotonous, or dirty jobs, (2) improving quality by eliminating human errors, (3) higher productivity, and (4) reducing manufacturing costs.

According to the Statista Research Department, this growth is largely driven by the leading automotive sector, with global figures exceeding 2,000 robot installations per 10,000 employees. The global sales volume of industrial robots tripled in the past decade.

With this extent of human-robot collaboration, advanced safety systems are the highest priority to protect people in the close environment. smartmicro's high-performance off-the-shelf sensors have a large field of view with user-configurable warning zones. Installed at a fixed position, our sensors enable triggering warning messages to safeguard the working environment of manufacturing robots in real-time. As soon as an object or a person is detected in one of the warning zones, the robot receives a signal and stops immediately. This increases workplace safety considerably.

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