Real-Time Object Detection

Autonomous Mobility and Safety with smartmicro. Did you know that statistics by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicate, that 90% of forklifts in the US are involved in accidents throughout their lifetime?

80% of these accidents affect people walking close to a forklift. And that's not all: The U.S. Department of Labor statistics shows that materials handling, and forklift accidents are one of the main causes of injuries in the warehouse.

Warehouses are busy environments with lots of people, shelves, and blind corners. The human awareness often reaches its limits, especially after a long workday and in extremely busy scenarios. smartmicro's high performance off-the-shelf sensors can be easily integrated in industrial vehicles like forklifts and support reliable safety functions. Performing most accurate real-time object detection, smartmicro technology can make your warehouse a safer place. our sensors help reducing the risk of accidents to a minimum.

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