TRUGRD LR - Up to 500m of seamless detection

Meet the newest member of the TRUGRD Premium Line - TRUGRD LR.

TRUGRD LR brings safety to roads and works reliably under almost all weather conditions. With a range of up to 500 meters, the newest member of TRUGRD Premium Line is a game-changer for highway applications.

Highways, tunnels, and bridges – these environments require reliable detection combined with long-range. TRUGRD LR delivers this, even in conditions with limited visibility – fog, heavy rain, low sunlight, complete darkness – the TRUGRD detection technology can increase the safety of all road users.


TRUGRD LR's performance makes it a cost-efficient solution while maintaining premium performance. The long range of the sensor allows you to use fewer devices for a particular highway stretch, hence lowering the final costs for hardware and installation.

With zero cleaning and no maintenance required, smartmicro’s TRUGRD LR offers the lowest possible lifecycle cost compared to other detection systems available on the market.  



When it comes to incident detection, such as wrong-way driving, queuing traffic, or stopped vehicles on highways, early warnings save lives. TRUGRD LR`s forward-firing beam combined with a range of 500 meters precisely tracks the location of every object in real time. The detection latency time of the whole system with TRUGRD LR is minimized, therefore increasing the safety level.

Once installed, the sensor is maintenance-free – no cleaning, no adjustments, and no recalibration are required. Additionally, all smartmicro sensors thrive in adverse light and weather conditions. The patented fail-safe features further help to increase the safety standards of the detection system.



The data is there: precise and available for use. Besides reliable incident detection capabilities, TRUGRD LR  offers precise traffic counting and classification. This set of information empowers road operators to plan and manage the maintenance of roadways efficiently.

TRUGRD LR offers more than just reliable performance; it unlocks incomparable resources of actionable data to drive ongoing improvements:

  • Counting & Classification
  • Incident Detection
  • Wrong Way Detection
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Stopped Vehicle Detection
  • Hard Shoulder Monitoring



All smartmicro radar sensors offer highly innovative, patented fail-safe features. By means of integrated self-calibration and self-diagnosis functions, such as blindness and rain detection, misalignment detection, and interference suppression, they ensure dependable operation.

The fail-safe features play a crucial role in the reliability of the sensor detection and in reporting error conditions to the higher system level. This allows for the traffic management system real-time awareness about any issues, enabling it to switch to a dedicated fail-safe mode and activate an alternative plan.

smartmicro's fail-safe features significantly enhance the reliability of the traffic management system and, thus, improve road traffic safety.


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