Triathlon Team Braunschweig starts the summer actively and with success

It's fun to cheer on a sports team - and to be a supporter of a team as phenomenal as Triathlon Team Braunschweig is a real pride to smartmicro

This month, the Triathlon Team from our hometown had two events; for one, smartmicro employees had a chance to participate. The athletes showcased their endurance and versatility as they tackled a demanding course, including a 750m swim, 17.6km cycling, and a challenging 5km run. As always, the team presented their unmatched abilities and achieved great results.

Congratulations to everyone who participated! The whole smartmicro team wishes Triathlon Team Braunschweig continued success in their upcoming events in August.


Pictures from the Triathlon were taken by Volker Hanuschke