Traffic Detection in any weather

Have you ever wondered how the weather affects traffic management?

As the northern hemisphere enters the winter season, you can come across multiple articles on the impact of bad weather on humans. But have you ever wondered how the weather affects traffic management?

When the rain gets thicker, and the temperatures drop, the risk of accidents due to adverse weather increases. Not only may the road be icy, but the visibility is often impaired. Adding the drivers’ seasonal fatigue on top of rain and darkness can lead to hazardous situations. Especially in these conditions, reliable traffic detection is a life-saving technology.

Radar sensors, designed and developed by smartmicro, are the most robust sensing technology. Their performance is not affected by dirt, smog, sunlight, wind, or sandstorms. Rain and snow have only a small impact on the performance, allowing reliable detection under almost any weather conditions. And in rare cases when ice and snow get just too bad and build up on a sensor and blind it, the built-in self-diagnose of our sensor software allows the traffic controller to enter a fail-safe mode.

Additionally, our sensors are almost unbreakable, rated IP67, and reliably work in environments from -40°C to +85°C over a long lifetime.

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