The invention of Radar: in Germany

Have you ever heard of Christian Hülsmeyer?

He was the inventor of the Telemobiloskop, a "Hertzian-wave Transmitting and Receiving Apparatus" to indicate or warn about a metallic object in line of sight of the transmitted waves - the birth of modern collision avoidance radar technology. Hülsmeyer applied for a patent for his invention as early as 1904 and kept improving it over time. Now, 117 years after Christian Hülsmeyer’s pioneering invention, smartmicro and other automotive radar sensors enable collision avoidance, contribute to automated driving and several other applications. Our sensors are mass-produced and help to increase people's safety in and around vehicles - like the purpose Hülsmeyer once described in his patent.

Together with Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Holpp, Prof. Dr. Herman Rohling, one of the smartmicro founders, published an article in the 4/2021 issue of @VDE-Group's ITSG News magazine about the invention of the Telemobiloskop and how it helped smartmicro develop its ground-breaking automotive radar sensors.

Read it HERE on pages 7-10.