Sporty-spring team event at smartmicro's HQ

Light outdoor exercise is the perfect break from the day-to-day office routine

Despite many activities at smartmicro HQ providing the ability to be mobile during the day, such as working in the test chamber, conducting field tests, or climbing stairs to meet with colleagues, a considerable amount of employees time is spent at their desks. At smartmicro we encourage regular breaks and light physical activity throughout the workday, maybe a run, a walk or even just getting up to speak to colleagues.

Finding motivation is often the hardest part, so on Friday we organized a special team event called "Fit into Spring." We gathered in front of our headquarters and split into two groups: walking and running. Setting off on previously set routes in the Querumer wood, marked with ribbons and chalk, the walking route stretched just over 4 km, while the running route covered approximately 6 km. Both loops conveniently circled back to the company, where we replenished ourselves with drinks and healthy snacks.

What a great way to start the weekend—with some light exercise in pleasant company. Thank you to everyone who participated!