smartmicro's roadmap to develop radar sensors for autonomous driving

At smartmicro we know to design, develop and to manufacture radar sensors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Different autonomous platforms, like delivery robots, shuttle buses, or vehicles for urban driving, have a wide set of requirements and demands. Our goal is to provide flexible high performance, scalable radar sensors, which fulfill the requirements specified by our customers. We are offering many physical and data interfaces, synchronization and remote control and more in our latest 4D/UHD high performance radar sensor models.

Beside sensor development, we joined the Autoware Foundation to meet the industries’ best developers and get an even deeper understanding of their needs when it comes to the integration of sensors into systems and vehicles. We are an active member and we are working hard to contribute to the community by sharing our technology and know-how. As an example, we provide compatible, open source ROS drivers with direct support by smartmicro engineers.

Have a look at our latest Youtube video to see what’s possible today with our high-performance off-the-shelf automotive sensors - paving the way for further autonomous driving developments or contact us for more details.