smartmicro's leap towards Vision Zero

smartmicro’s edge computer solution performs data fusion from multiple sensors for seamless object tracking on an entire intersection

This article was originally published in Traffic Technology International (TTI) Magazine (March 2022). You can preview the original version here (click).

According to the USDOT, about half of all traffic injuries in the USA occur at intersections, making them a priority for enhancing safety. One of the main concerns is the safety of vulnerable road users ( V RUs), such as pedestrians and cyclists. Today, usually four detectors manage the four arms of a signalized intersection independently, without exchanging information with one another. This can result in blind spots at the inner part of the intersection and leave movements across the intersection difficult to monitor. But now, a set of multiple smartmicro sensors and an edge computer running sensor fusion software provides a full overview of all intersection approaches as well as of the critical inner part of any junction, tracking the position, velocity, and class of all objects – including VRUs– in real-time. Data fusion helps to identify potential safety hazards and trigger appropriate real-time safety measures, such as flashing warning sig na ls, traffic light adjustments, or messages to drivers of connected vehicles.
Via infrastructure-to-vehicle (I2V) communication drivers can ‘see around the corners’ and know the traffic situation even before they arrive. With innovative high-performance sensor technology, smartmicro is helping to create a safer, greener and smarter future. Find out more about smartmicro solutions at Intertraffic Amsterdam.