smartmicro WGS-84 coordinates feature for smarter cities

Did you know that smartmicro's TRUGRD products, TRUGRD and TRUGRD Stream, have a WGS-84 coordinates feature included?

It allows you to precisely determine the geographic position of every detected object directly in world coordinates, which makes it easy to use such data in sensor fusion systems (e.g. collective perception) and is very important and useful for Smart City and V2X use cases. One of our customers recently tested this feature in a larger system installation comprising 168 smartmicro sensors and found excellent results. With an accuracy of 0.5 meter in the close range, and 1 meter in a distance of 300m, our sensors provide very accurate WGS-84 coordinates and outperformed other technologies.
You can simply get the WGS-84 coordinates feature on your TRUGRD and TRUGRD Stream sensors with any port-based firmware via our Traffic Management Configurator (TMC) software, which is available for free from our website.

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