smartmicro User Forum US 2023

smartmicro is proud to have built an ecosystem of top-tier specialists with significant expertise in the the US traffic market. One of the pillars of our international network is knowledge sharing. At smartmicro, we believe that the best results come from collaborations - that’s why we arrange regular partner meetings to create an opportunity for exchanging experiences, share installation cases, and we present our latest products and technology.

Last week, we co-hosted one of such events - the smartmicro User Forum, dedicated to our North American partners and distributors. The event was packed with exciting sessions and presentations about radar-based and hybrid traffic sensor technology.

Additionally, we used this occasion to highlight some of our most dedicated distributors and award them. Amongst the awardees were Black & McDonald, Control Technologies, Paradigm, and Traffic Control Products.

Thank you to all participants of this event for your time and engagement! We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.