smartmicro takes part in project to protect Vulnerable Road Users

In a joint development project between Volkswagen AG, Nordsys GmbH, a V2X expert and ASTech GmbH, an automotive safety expert, vulnerable road users (VRUs) are automatically detected and protected.

To detect and classify VRUs, especially cyclists and pedestrians, an intersection was equipped with latest smartmicro sensors.

The sensor data are transferred via V2X messages to a test vehicle, using Road Side Unit made by Nordsys. Approaching vehicles are warned of potential collisions and incidents are avoided as the vehicle automatically engages brakes.

In urban scenarios, especially with larger trucks turning right at an intersection, pedestrians and bicyclists will be detected even in the blind spot and the truck will be stopped if a collision is imminent.

smartmicro technology reliably enables the protection of road users in such situations.