smartmicro sensors protect bicyclists

Statistics of the German Federal Office of Statistics show that in 2019 alone, 48,232 accidents, involving a car and a bicycle, occurred.

Shockingly, 172 of these accidents were fatal for the bicyclist.

To counter numbers like these, one of our customers installed smartmicro's UMRR-11 Type 132 for bike detection at a busy intersection in Northern Germany. The T-intersection is especially dangerous as it is situated at the foot of a hill and bicyclists often approach at high speed, giving the vehicles little or no time to react. The location is known as accident black spot for passenger cars or even trucks colliding with bicycles.

Our sensors allow for a detection zone way ahead of the actual intersection, detecting approaching bicyclists from a distance. The sensors send a signal to a special warning light at the crossroad, which alerts turning vehicles of approaching bicycles. Additional LEDs in the ground, on the other hand, warn the cyclists of turning vehicles, maximizing the safety of all traffic participants.

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