smartmicro sensors improve traffic flow on Taiwan highways

Linkasia Marketing Taiwan Co.,Ltd, our partner in Taiwan, equipped the entry- and exit ramps of a freeway in Kaohsiung City with 17 smartmicro sensors.

Before, on the two-lane freeway across the city, queues and delays were caused by the traffic signals at the exit ramp. The main aim of the sensor installation was to reduce these queues and therefore increase the traffic safety.

During the two-year project, traffic information such as queue length and vehicle count was collected on the highway bridge as well as on the streets below the elevated highway. Using smartmicro sensors, the traffic light towards the highway entry underneath the bridge is now be controlled adaptively, reducing the queue length at the exit ramp.

As a result of the overall collected data and appropriate adaptive traffic light control, the average speed on the related highway could be increased by 8kph and the overall queuing at the highway exits is reduced by 1km. An incredible improvement of traffic flow and safety.