smartmicro sensors for smart cities in India

Hundreds of smartmiro sensors were deployed.

Did you know that the Indian government under Prime Minister Mr. Shri Narendra Modi launched the initiative "100 Smart Cities Mission" in 2015? In 5 tender rounds, 100 cities were selected to be converted into smart cities. Thanks to our partner Aabmatica smartmicro technology was chosen for many of them.

The most recent project is based in Central Karnataka, northwest of this state’s capital Bangalore. smartmicro sensors are used for automated urban traffic light activation, speed violation and red light violation detection. Hundreds of sensors sensors have been successfully deployed in major smart cities across the country for general improvement of traffic management and for enforcement applications.

The goal is to make traffic management smarter by improving travel times while increasing safety - towards a sustainable, modern and safe transportation. We are proud to be part of this project.