smartmicro sensors deployed in Canada

A major road infrastructure upgrade project using the most advanced radar technology started in Montréal.

The longest tunnel in Canada, the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel built in 1967, is being renovated. It carries 120.000 vehicles a day and serves as a major road link to the Island of Montréal as well as to the port.

For the 4-year-long project, our partner in Montréal, Innovation MI-8, installed smartmicro traffic sensors outside the tunnel on mobile data collection platforms powered by solar panels. The aim is to collect traffic data at 26 sites, covering a stretch of 31km, in order to measure the impact of the roadworks on mobility. Later in the project the sensors will be installed at permanent sites.

smartmicro sensors were selected because of their low power consumption as well as their compliance with the high-performance requirements: classification accuracy of >80%, as well as volume accuracy of >95% per direction and >90% per lane.

We are excited to be part of this great project which will optimize the traffic flow during the roadworks.