smartmicro sensors deployed in Austria

ASFINAG, one of Europe’s top infrastructure operators for motorways and expressways, has equipped a driving test field for autonomous vehicles with several smartmicro TRUGRD sensors.

The sensor fusion project started in 2020 and is currently still underway. The main objective is to discover new ways of V2X communication as well as new ways of automated driving, focusing on quality and safety requirements.

The smartmicro sensors are covering a highway stretch of 2 km with our programming interface Smart Access. It is used on different operating systems to adapt the sensor communication to the company network. In a first conclusion of the project, ASFINAG highlighted the easy installation, the great price/performance ratio of the sensors, as well as the powerful TMC software. The accuracy, range, and classification will be tested in the next steps. We're looking forward to the results and we will keep you up to date.

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