smartmicro sensors decrease the costs of traffic detection

How did choosing the smartmicro technology has decreased the final installation costs by around 85%?

One of our trusted partners - Smart Video & Sensing Ltd (SVS) - has recently been featured in Highways News magazine, regarding their new sensor installation at a junction in Coventry, UK. In the article, the SVS team emphasizes that choosing the multi-lane smartmicro technology, instead of a conventional loop detection system, has decreased the final installation costs to the customer by around 85%. How exactly is that possible?

A single smartmicro sensor offers up to 32 detection zones and can replace up to 32 loops. Thanks to the forward-firing principle, the sensor monitors the stop line as well as the advanced zone in parallel throughout multiple lanes. All detection zones can be modified through our setup software and can be easily adapted to changing traffic patterns.

Additionally, our above-ground sensors are easy to install on existing infrastructure. That means no time-consuming and expensive roadworks or road closures.

Are you interested in learning more about smartmicro Traffic Management technology? Go to the Traffic Sensor page for an overview or contact the representatives to schedule a consultation. 

Read the Highways News article here.