smartmicro introduces DRVEGRD 171

4D/PxHD extra-long range automotive radar

smartmicro is proud to announce the newest addition to the DRVEGRD family - our front radar DRVEGRD 171. Designed for ASIL-B compliance, DRVEGRD 171 enables the integration into scalable and reliable automotive systems and meets the challenges of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the L2+ autonomous vehicles market.

Introduced with 3 different modes, from 0.2m in short-range mode up to 240m in extra-long range mode. Its wide beam provides a 110° field of view, and excellent angular separation of 2° in all available modes.

Developed with 4D/PxHD technology, smartmicro's newest automotive radar is characterized by its precision. It's a perfect fit for applications where high accuracy plays a significant role: autonomous shuttles & taxis, delivery robots, and industrial vehicles.

For full technical details, check DRVEGRD 171 page and contact us for individual consultation.