Seamless highway tracking provided by TRUGRD Stream

A combination of a live HD Camera and high-precision radar, able to cover up to 12 lanes simultaneously - TRUGRD Stream has all the features needed to be the perfect detection device for highway applications

Real-time detection on fast-track roads is challenging, not only due to the increased speed of vehicles. What makes it especially challenging is the ever-present possibility of hazardous events: sudden lane changes, wrong-way driving, or accidents.

The Austrian Motorway operator ASFINAG decided to put TRUGRD Stream to the test on a 2km stretch of roadway near Graz. The goal was high precision monitoring of vehicle motion paths with TRUGRD Stream and detecting unexpected events.

The results proved the quality of the sensor. TRUGRD Stream installed on the existing infrastructure seamlessly tracked the vehicles on the road while conducting lane-specific counting and statistical analysis. Thanks to the complex data provided, the motorway operator could understand the traffic dynamics better and increase the safety for critical scenarios using a digital twin - the live display of the actual traffic.

The video material explaining ASFINAG's use case particulars is available on smartmicro's YouTube channel. Watch the video to discover the results and learn why TRUGRD Stream is the best choice for your highway: