Road Safety Supports tested smartmicro's speed measurement accuracy

The main objective of detection sensors is to improve the safety of all road users. To fulfill that goal, a sensor must demonstrate a high level of precision and impeccable performance in all weather conditions.

At smartmicro, the accuracy of measurements is the element on which we could never compromise. While constantly working on new sensors, reaching yet another level of excellence, we are proud that our released products continue to prove their quality.
Earlier this year, Road Safety Support tested the performance of one of our flag sensors - the UMRR-11 Type 132 MSE for #MobileSpeedEnforcement. A single device was mounted on a vehicle to test the accuracy of the radar's speed measurement - in various conditions and orientations to the target - while moving at speeds between 60 and 180 km/h. The results of the test were more than satisfactory.
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