Ready, set, go!

The 3rd company building at our headquarters in Braunschweig is ready. We are moving in.

We're excited that the 3rd company building at our headquarters in Braunschweig is completed. As of this week our orders management and purchasing teams start to move into the 400m² office space.

On the 17,000m² premises of the new building, there is also a lot of space to share innovative ideas and discuss the latest technological developments of our innovative high-performance sensors.

Our new 1,000m² warehouse, which is stretched over 3 floors, is also being stocked already. Soon, the 1.000 shelves will be filled with sensor components and ready-to-ship traffic management and automotive sensors.

55.555 paving stones were used for the parking lots surrounding our third building.
We are even more proud to have built the greenest and smartest of our buildings so far. To conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, a heat-pump based heating and cooling system along with large thermal energy storage capacity was installed, controlled by our KNX computer, which optimizes the energy consumption of all buildings.

Most of the required energy is produced in the day time by solar panels. Next we will plant lots of additional trees on the premises.