Overcoming the challenges of bridge-mounted detection with radar sensor technology

Watch a presentation explaining the positive impact brought by the installation of smartmicro traffic sensors replacing the old wired magnetometers.

In 2014, the South Wales Trunk Road Agency faced detection challenges on an aging bridge. Traditional solutions fell short, but the smartmicro radar technology came to the rescue!

Initially, the bridge was equipped with wired magnetometers. At first, they seemed to work, but soon the long-term reliability issues appeared. In 2023 came the decision to replace the faulty technology with smartmicro's radars - in particular, the UMRR-11 Type 45 traffic sensors. The choice quickly proved to be right, as the radar sensors provide long-range coverage, do not require maintenance, and provide reliable detection in any weather.

The installations in Earlswood and A48 sites were a huge success, as they overcame the detection failures and adaptability in adverse conditions, which were a big issue for the magnetometers.

If you are interested in getting more details about these installations, we have good news! Our colleagues from smartmicro UK have recently held a recorded presentation about this use case at the JCT Symposium. You can view the video and the slide deck from the show below:


Watch the video: 

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