Multi-Radar Fusion

This article was originally published in TTI Magazine (September 2021).

One of the main topics for cities is to enhance safety of vulnerable road users. As most of the objects, including pedestrians and bicyclists, pass through the inner part of an intersection, this area is of importance. Today, usually four detectors manage a signalized intersection by working independently and not exchanging any information with one another. Now imagine there would be an interacting system of detectors providing a full overview of the approaches as well as the inner part of the intersection, tracking the speed and position of all objects.

With the brand-new edge computing device COM HUB, you can significantly enhance the safety in urban areas. By performing data fusion between smartmicro sensors, a much higher detection and classification accuracy can be achieved. The communication among the sensors enables seamless tracking of all traffic participants (from a small child up to a large truck) throughout the entire intersection and provides a rich set of data for V2X communication.