More Automation, more Capacity, better Quality: new equipment for smartmicro sensor production lines

Exciting news from smartmicro's headquarters

At the beginning of this year, we installed a new multi-robot system for sensor end-of-line test and calibration. It's fully automated and can calibrate and burn-in up to 300 sensors per batch, with reduced set-up times. It can handle all frequencies we need (24G / 60G / 76-81G) and handle all the latest sensor models. It boosts our production capacity!

Plus, a highly precise 3D scanner for incoming goods inspection with an impressive 10µm accuracy was installed, providing faster inspection times and higher measurement accuracy.
With the new equipment, we are be able to ensure that our radar sensors meet the highest quality standards, which will result in more reliable and efficient products for our customers.

As technology experts, we know how important quality is, and we're super excited to be making these investments in our manufacturing process.