Increased Safety for all Road Users - Seamless Tracking at the Intersection

Avoid incidents, optimize the traffic flow, and reduce CO2 emissions in your city – making your enhancements measurable and verifiable.

smartmicro's Vision Zero is to enhance the safety of all traffic participants, especially for the Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs) – pedestrians and cyclists. For increasing traffic safety, exploiting the very latest technology is essential. Reliable and precise data enables you to identify challenges and risks and react effectively.

We set standards in the field of sensor technology and deliver excellent life-cycle costs compared to other sensor systems. Radar detectors developed by smartmicro are field-proven and compatible with all back-end systems. With the use of multi-sensor fusion, all approaches and the inner intersection area are covered by the combined field of view of multiple radar sensors, and redundancy is generated. Higher detection and classification accuracy are achieved.

smartmicro traffic sensors are optimized for creating accurate per-object data like speed, position, direction, and a class of all stopped and moving traffic participants in real-time. Such data can be used to trigger immediate warning signals – visual or through infrastructure-to-vehicle communication - and in this way, manage dangerous scenarios, i.e., wrong-way driving, stopped vehicles, and people on the roadways. Additionally, the data can be collected for statistical analysis.

Watch the video and see how sensor technology avoids accidents and increases safety for all traffic participants: