FDOT: One more US state approval for smartmicro sensors’ highway management applications

smartmicro premium sensors, TRUGRD and TRUGRD Stream, continue to get more recognition from US officials

Various states have already approved the products according to their APL/QPL standard, which is a benefit for our customers working on projects that involve state funding.

Last year, thanks to the tremendous success of our partner Control Technologies, Inc., we received approval from Florida in regards to vehicle detection at intersections. We are proud to share that our sensors are now also FDOT-approved for mainline wrong-way detection on highways.

This comes as no surprise, as smartmicro's technology offers many advantages for highway management. For one, being the only multi-lane counting sensors that can be pole– or gantry-mounted, smartmicro detectors are the perfect fit for fixed (permanent) or mobile (temporary) traffic counting stations. The forward-firing principle enables them to detect and report wrong-way driving and sudden speed or lane changes immediately, which are often an indication of possible incidents.

On highways, traffic data, like counting and classification of seven classes, can be used to enhance safety or to manage the maintenance of roadways efficiently. The radar sensors can either stream precise real-time traffic data to an operations center or collect it for statistics. With very precise object position, speed vector and classification, plus coverage of up to eight lanes (dual direction), TRUGRD delivers excellent data for highway performance monitoring and reporting – on demand or for pre-defined time periods.