Electromega joins smartmicro network in Canada

We are pleased to announce a new partner in North America - Electromega

The smartmicro family keeps on growing. We are proud to collaborate with a broad network of specialists distributing smartmicro's solutions all over the globe. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have a new partner in North America - Electromega.

Electromega specializes in supplying innovative technological solutions to municipal, provincial, and federal agencies, consultants, and contractors across Canada. Now, they are joining the smartmicro family as a distributor for our high-performance Traffic Sensors for intersection, highway, and enforcement applications.

We officially kicked off the collaboration the last week of May, when Electromega presented smartmicro Traffic Management solutions at CITE/QUAD Joint 2022 Annual Conference in Vancouver.

Dear Electromega Team - welcome to the network!