DRVEGRD 169: New Multi-Mode Corner Radar for Increased Safety

Detecting potential collisions, triggering warning signals to the vehicle's driver, and supporting automated parking - these are just a few of many safety-increasing features of smartmicro's newest automotive radar, premiering in 2022.

DRVEGRD 169 is a 76-81GHz radar sensor with software-defined operation modes, to robustly cover the field of view in different use cases - from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to autonomous driving, or integration in heavy machinery.

The new corner radar provides:

  • a field of view of 140°+ horizontally,
  • a coverage of 28° in elevation,
  • a range interval of 0.1 to 130 meters,
  • 4D measurement with true angular separation in azimuth and measurement of elevation,
  • and true range (10cm) and speed (0.1m/s) separation of objects.

DRVEGRD 169 was developed for various on-road and industrial use cases. Thanks to the sensor's almost unbreakable design and its unaffected performance in harsh weather conditions, DRVEGRD 169 is an excellent choice for delivery robots, but also for construction or heavy mining vehicles.

To learn more about the DRVEGRD 169 specification and use examples - visit the product page here.