Best-in-class traffic enforcement solutions

Traffic management technology protects vulnerable road users by detecting drivers speeding or ignoring red lights

Traffic management technology makes our roads safer for each user. This goal is achieved by, for example, improving traffic flow and protecting vulnerable road users - including detection of drivers speeding or ignoring red lights.

smartmicro technology features built-in double redundant speed measurement with four or more receive antennas, direct unambiguous Doppler measurement, as well as a range rate measurement. Multiple independent receiving antennas deliver perfectly accurate speed values.

For state-of-the-art red-light enforcement, smartmicro radar sensors cover up to six lanes and track up to 256 objects simultaneously in a 100° field of view. Additionally, an integrated Event Trigger Module allows setting multiple trigger lines inside the field of view and combining them with defined event trigger signals.

Visit the Traffic Sensor page for more information on smartmicro’s enforcement applications, or get in touch with our representatives for a consultation on your use case via this link.