300 smartmicro sensors installed in Israel: highway management project with ModifyAI

"We chose to use the TRUGRD sensor because we saw that, technically, it exceeds all competitors" - said CEO of ModifyAI

Thanks to the efforts of our global partner network, more and more smartmicro sensors are getting deployed every day. There is one reason for that: the unmatched performance, quality and reliability of the smartmicro forward firing technology.

One project based on this principle is currently taking place in Israel, where smartmicro partner ModifyAI along with Netivei Israel National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd. and Electra Ltd., are revolutionizing highway management.

#TRUGRD, our premium traffic sensor selected for this application, provides unparalleled performance and accuracy in data collection, surpassing the capabilities of traditional side-firing sensors. With a projected installation of 300 units this year alone, this ambitious project aims to transform the country's transportation infrastructure.

"We chose to use the TRUGRD sensor because we saw that, technically, it exceeds all competitors. After working with the team at smartmicro, we immediately realized that we have a true partner to provide the customer with the most elevated value and support him with every requirement, change, and need for years to come." - said Guy Amir, CEO of ModifyAI.

The timeline for this project extends until 2027, building upon the successful pilot completed in 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative project as we continue creating a smarter, safer, and greener future together.