100% accurate wrong-way detection - Karrus tests smartmicro sensors

A case study on smartmicro’s wrong-way detection application, including test results and videos

A 100% accuracy: That’s the excellent result achieved during tests of smartmicro’s wrong-way detection application, integrated in our highway and intersection traffic sensors, the test being executed by our partner Karrus in France.

During the tests, our technology simply detected all occurrences of wrong-way driving:
• in multiple scenarios (like on a main upstream lane or an off-ramp.),
• in different positions (right and left lane, hard shoulder),
• and with various speeds (ranging from 30km/h up to 130km/h).

Karrus has shared a case study on their successful work, including test results and videos. Read it and find out more about the performance of smartmicro sensors for wrong-way detection: click here to open.

Karrus, the leading provider of turnkey solutions for active traffic management in France, has recently joined the smartmicro partner network. They are using smartmicro sensors for advanced traffic monitoring in applications such as wrong-way detection, work zone danger detection, and traffic signaling strategies, including active modes of transportation. Data provided by the smartmicro sensors integrate seamlessly into the Karrus software platform to offer traffic indicators, congestion alerts, traffic signaling, and dynamic traffic management.