Why extra-long-range sensors are a necessity at the construction site

The world of industrialization is steadily expanding - and so is the field of view of our radars for integrating into industrial vehicles.

Construction sites are known to be dangerous, but that shouldn't be a standard in any workspace. Automotive sensors, such as DRVEGD 171, have the means to improve the safety of operating in and around industrial machinery.

Massive vehicles such as trucks, excavators, bulldozers, or telehandlers, require a longer time to brake or stop a maneuver. An obstacle needs to be detected from a vast distance to avoid a potential collision. The extra-long range of DRVEGRD 171 allows the vehicle to detect obstacles from as far as 240m, enabling appropriate and safe reactions.

Learn more about construction site safety from the video below and contact our representatives to find out how DRVEGRD 171 can improve your industrial machinery.