DRVEGRD 169: more precise than ever

Take a look at the video featuring people playing ball, and see the scene from the sensor's perspective.

Imagine you are driving a car through a calm neighborhood. Suddenly, an unforeseen football rolls over the street. And behind the ball, there runs a child - directly in front of your wheels. What counts now is the driver's reaction time.

Modern vehicles are equipped with sensors that trigger an alarm for a driver. smartmicro's highly precise DRVEGRD 169 corner radar detects objects as small as a football. Thanks to that, the alarm-and-reaction process starts with lower latency - even if the driver does not have a chance to notice it themselves.

Take a look at the video presenting three people passing two balls, and discover the scene from the vehicle's perspective below: 


Increase the safety standards of your vehicles by integrating the highest performance sensors, such as DRVEGRD 169. Get a full overview of DRVEGRD 169: click here.